Canada PNP: Everything You Need to Know

Canada is a popular immigration choice for many. According to figures, Canada has been consistently declared a “high-immigration country” since the late 1980s, at least in relation to the US. The reasons: easy access to international students, tourists, and temporary workers, all of whom contribute to Canada’s socio-economic growth, and gradually but eventually, start applying for the immigration process.

To make things easier for its tons of immigration applicants, Canada introduced Provincial Nominee Programs. This post intends to educate you all about the program so that if you too, like a million others, are contemplating immigrating to Canada, you’re well informed of the process way ahead.

What are Canada PNP – Provincial Nominee Programs?

Canada comprises 13 provinces and territories in total, each of which (except Quebec) currently has its own immigration program. These programs are referred to as PNPs. The idea behind designing a different program for different provinces is that each of these provinces is composed of different demographics and economic status. As such, their immigration programs are carefully designed to suit each of their varied population and economic requirements.

This also means that the applicants’ eligibility criteria and application process also varies for immigration into Canada. Yet, PNPs continue to remain one of the fastest and most popular routes to achieving Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Keep reading to understand how.

Importance of Canada PNP

Provincial Nominee Programs are so termed because they help “nominate” one to further apply for PR in Canada. This means that an applicant who’s successfully chosen in the Canada PNP program is nominated by the said province and asked to submit an application to the federal government for Canadian PR. In other words, provincial nomination is the first of the two-stage process in Canadian immigration.

However, it’s important to note here that Canadian provinces are not authorised to approve any PR applications at their level. The final decision regarding the same rests with the federal government. The PNPs can only approve applicants at the provincial level (not at the national level), after which they are nominated for application to the federal government.

Provinces and Territories that Operate PNPs

As mentioned earlier, each Canadian province operates its unique PNP and application process as well as eligibility requirements for the program also differ for each province. Therefore, applicants are advised to consult each of the following provinces separately regarding the eligibility criteria for the immigration program:

  1. Alberta
  2. British Columbia
  3. Manitoba
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Newfoundland
  6. Labrador
  7. Northwest Territories
  8. Nova Scotia
  9. Ontario
  10. Prince Edward Island
  11. Quebec
  12. Saskatchewan
  13. Yukon

Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs

To better manage numerous applications for PR, Canada launched an Express Entry PNP on 2015. As a result of this move, several Canadian provinces designed improved PNP streams that are allied with Express Entry. In other words, certain PNPs require an applicant to have an Express Entry profile in order to be eligible.

He/she is then entitled to claim an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. This is a kind of guarantee to receive an invitation for PR application in the next Express Entry draw. In case the applicant is nominated through a PNP not aligned with Express Entry, they need to then submit a paper-based PR application to the federal government, which may take considerably longer processing time when compared to electronic Express Entry applications.

Hiring Experts Can Help

Express Entry is gaining immense popularity as a faster and convenient means to gain entry into Canada as a permanent resident. The journey can be long and daunting for some, in which case, it makes sense to hire professional experts to facilitate the process on your behalf.Consider IRA immigration consultancy services to take care of all your Canadian immigration needs in a jiffy. Our expert consultants can be your guide and advisor on all matters concerning immigration and permanent residence in Canada.

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