Moving to Canada? Here is what you must know about their permanent resident visa!

If you want to settle down in a country that has several career opportunities and is also very safe then Canada has to be your first choice. But to move to Canada you need to know about their PR visa. You can always check the details about the same with Canada permanent resident visa consultants.

Canada Permanent Resident visa

Why moving to Canada is one of the best options?

  • The Canada PR visa provides many good benefits to permanent residents. First of all, PR can live, study and work anywhere in Canada. He can avail of social and medical benefits. He will also get protection under Canadian law. In the future, PR can apply for citizenship in Canada.
  • Besides the benefits, one gets to settle down in a country that has good infrastructure. This is a country that is safe for women and children and the crime ratio is also very low.
  • This is a country that requires skilled foreign workers who can contribute towards the economic development of the country. Therefore, there is no dearth of opportunities for the right people.

You have to follow the Canada PR visa application procedure properly!

  • You can hope to get an approval for your visa from the Canadian visa authorities only if you complete the process of the visa properly.
  • Since Canada wants a greater number of skilled foreigners to come to Canada, they have many different visa categories. Each visa category has a different process and formality that needs to be completed.
  • The aspirant has to select the correct visa category. If he ends up selecting the wrong visa category then all his efforts will be in vain.
  • There are some visa categories like the Federal Skilled worker programme which is a point-based programme which depends on the express entry system. The aim of the candidate has to be to get more points in the express entry system. This will ensure that he gets a higher ranking in the express entry system. Profiles with higher ranking have better chances of getting the invitation to apply for the PR visa.

Yes, it is tough to complete the Canada permanent resident visa process with ease!

Completion of the procedure is a tough thing. There is a possibility that you may end up selecting the wrong category and in the end, your visa application can get rejected. This is the last thing that you want.

Then how can you avoid this type of situation? That is simple. You must take the assistance of a good visa and immigration consultant who will provide all the assistance that you need.

But there are so many visa companies out there that it can be very confusing to choose the best.

Not to worry! There is one option. If you choose that option then you will not have a problem. That option is IRA immigration. This Delhi based visa and immigration company is known to provide the best assistance.

How will IRA immigration help aspirants?

IRA immigration has been providing all types of visa and immigration services for the past many years. They have a dedicated team of visa experts for Canada immigration. These immigration consultants are well versed in all the details of Canada immigration and will make sure that they provide all the assistance that you need. When you approach IRA, which is the topmost Canada permanent resident visa consultants they will first study your profile and then help you select the correct visa category. For more details about Canada immigration, you must get in touch with their experts at Janakpuri and Nehru Place.

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