What is the Canada Express Entry Process Time Period?

Skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada and want to work in Canada can apply for the point-based programme. This is the express entry programme. To apply for this programme, one needs to have fair idea about different aspects of the express entry programmeCanada Express Entry Process Time Period etc.

Important details about Canada express entry system:

  • The Canada express entry programme is point-based. The points are allotted based on different factors.
  • The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible. The candidate with higher points will get higher ranking and this will increase the chances of selection of the candidate.
  • The candidate will first have to create the express entry profile. He must give all correct details in this profile. 
  • Now the profile of the candidate will be given points based on different factors. These factors are age, education, work experience, English and/or French language proficiency etc.
  • Depending on the points that the candidate has scored the profile will be ranked.
  • Now at regular intervals there are express entry draws. The candidates whose profiles have higher ranking will have better chances of getting selected in the draw. The selected candidates will be sent the invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa for Canada
  • Once the candidate gets the invitation to apply for the PR visa, he will have to submit the completed application form along with documents within the specified time.
  • If the express entry candidate manages to get a provincial nomination then he will be awarded additional 600 points. This will almost ensure the selection of the candidate to apply for the PR visa.

Details about Canada Express Entry Process time period:

Normally the processing time can be around 6 months. But this may vary from case to case. In some cases, it can be less than 6 months whereas in some cases it may take more time. In 80% of the cases this will in all probability be the processing time.

The express entry profile of the candidate will be valid for 12 months. Only those candidates who score high points will have better chances of getting selected. If you want to reduce the processing time then you have to make sure that you complete the application properly. You have to make sure that you do not make any mistakes. Now this can be a bit difficult for a person who is applying for the express entry system. If the candidate makes any mistakes then his application form can get rejected. If the candidate does not score well then he will not get selected in the draw to apply for the permanent resident visa. In all such cases the candidate will have to reapply for the express entry system.

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