What immigration programs can I apply for?

Canada is one of the best countries where one can settle down. Canadian authorities also want a greater number of skilled people who can help in the economic development of the country to come to Canada. It is for this reason that they have introduced many different visa and immigration categories like Canada PNP category, skilled worker category, etc.

Here are some of the Canada visa categories:

Federal skilled worker immigration programme:

This programme is especially for skilled workers who want to settle down in Canada. This programme is based on the Express Entry ProgramThis is a point-based programme. You have to try and score as many points as possible in the different aspects. More the number of points better the chances of getting selected to apply for the Canada PR visa. You have to focus on aspects like language proficiency, education, work experience etc.

Provincial nomination programme:

There are different provinces in Canada and they have their own provincial nomination programme. This is based on the labour requirements of that province. If a person who has a profile in the express entry system has applied for the provincial nomination and if he gets selected by that province then the applicant will get an additional 600 points. This will almost confirm the selection of the candidate under the express entry system.

Student visa:

Canada is one of the best places for education. It has a good education system and it has some of the best universities. They have student visa programmes using which a person can complete his studies in Canada. These students can then later apply for the PR visa. There are some specific rules and formalities that have to be completed in order to apply for the PR visa in the case of people who have a student visa.

Canada Spouse visa:

If your spouse is a permanent resident of Canada or if he is a citizen of Canada then he can sponsor you and then you can apply for the spouse visa. But for this, you will have to submit details and documents like the marriage certificate etc. The sponsor will also have to submit proof of funds in order to show that he can support his spouse in Canada.

Besides the above-mentioned visa categories, there are a number of other visa categories using which one can apply for the Canada PR visa like the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme etc. But for this you have to get proper guidance from visa experts.

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